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About Bride & Wedding

So, what is it that we do here? Well, we’re basically like Facebook but for all things wedding. Whether you’re the one getting married, or you’re in the business of helping other people get married, we want to help you spread the word to those who matter most via our wedding-themed social media website.

Here at Wedding Community, brides can set up personalized profiles where they can then share status updates and upload their photos for other members of the site to enjoy.

Did you have an amazing rehearsal dinner? Share some photos of that delicious food or of your impressive settings! Are you unsure of whether to go with a turquoise or maroon theme for the bridal party? Share some contrasting photos of the tuxedos and dresses you’re considering, and let everyone weigh in. Is your mother-in-law the only one in the family with a fish allergy, but you want to offer fish as a main course? Ask the community for thoughts on how to proceed.

The beauty of our site is that you can receive helpful information from professional resources you can trust, as well as from other brides like yourself who can either provide anecdotal evidence because they are experiencing the same hopes and uncertainties as you, or who have already been through it all and are now here to help via sharing what you should and should not do.

And hey, if you’re a wedding veteran who’s already been through it all and now you just want to reminisce on your own wedding by seeing photos of others’ events, this is the place to find breathtaking photos and heartwarming status updates from other brides who have stars in their eyes while anticipating their big days.

By becoming a part of our community, it’s almost like you’re invited to the wedding as a special guest, throwing your own rice or blowing your own bubbles at the happy couple as they pass you by. You can join up with communities that are already active on our site, or you could even choose to start up one of your own, complete with a personal blog where you can post all about your wedding day jitters or your excitement at finally finding the perfect dress for you.

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